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New era floor levelling cradles

As the name suggests New Era provides a new standard in flooring levelling systems through progressive development and a complete understanding of problems inherent with uneven sub floors. New Era achieves a practical, cost effective and versatile solution in overcoming inconsistencies in variable subfloor levels and conforms to all the latest standards for sport and acoustics.

New Era Modules are available in a wide range of heights

  • Designed for traditional batten floor construction for commercial, domestic and multisports flooring.
  • Resilied foam backed injection moulded modular flooring suports.
  • New era components are impervious to moisture and are extremely durable.
  • New era modules are available in a wide range of heights to cater for most level deviators.
  • Pre cut packers from 1.5mm to 12mm are readily available.
  • New Era is simple and quick to install and easy to specify especially when supplied as a complete system.
  • New Era is recognised by major flooring suppliers as being effective problem solver in over coming uneven subfloors.

New Era systems are dry installations with no base drying time

cost effective
  • New Era does not require a subfloor produced to tight tolerances. When planning your installation remember New Era can eliminate the need for a costly screed or power floated base.
  • New Era levelling systems are dry installations with no base drying time to consider – few moisture problems and more cost effective.
  • The accepted standard tolerance for a batten floor “base” is defined in BS 8204 Part 1 and is maximum level deviation of 3mm over 3 LM. Increases to this tolerance can effect both the floor and its warranty.
  • New Era systems are often used to remedy level discrepancies where tolerances within a concrete base or screed have not been met. Unfortunately an unsuccessful base can sometimes leave insufficient floor depth for a remedial levelling system. If possible plan ahead… specify New Era from day one.

New Era can overcome large “step” level deviations and “wells”

  • New Era levelling systems offer far more than the ability to overcome average or out of tolerance level deviations.
  • System construction heights range from 74mm to 431mm allowing for a wide range of services, under floor heating and insulation to be installed within the floor void.
  • New Era can overcome large “step” level deviations and “wells” often found in the subfloors of old buildings.
  • New Era levelling elements are available in three module types(See image to the right for details):
  • versatile image 498x136
  • The ability to support and level batten floor systems within this range makes New Era probably the most versatile levelling system available.

Single component cradlesconstruction range 74mm to 145mm

Double componant height extender construction range 131mm to 210mm

Multi component towersconstruction range 195mm to 431mm

New Era is fully tested and conforms to bsen 14904 type a4

tested & approved

sports & lesure

  • Fully tested and conforms to BSEN 14904 Type A4 high performance sports system, which supersedes the old BS7044 Part 4.


  • Fully tested to meet the requirements of the Document E regulations for impact sound reduction in accordance with the robust details for resilient cradle and batten systems.

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